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RagerX is an all-in-one RandomX Mining Solution

So what is RagerX? It is a miner, an operating system, and a pool.

RagerX is built from the ground up to make RandomX mining easy. We provide an optimized miner that boots off a thumbdrive, and an integrated mining pool. We also provide a flasher utility to make the process of setting up RagerX simple.

All of our pool interfaces are built as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) which means you can install the pool interface directly to your desktop or mobile device. You’re able to easily view your miner status from anywhere in the world. We even have a Telegram bot to notify you when something changes.

Most of all, RagerX is the fastest RandomX miner available. Due to our optimized mining operating system, we can deliver up to a 10% speed increase. Your miner will even automatically update when new optimizations become available.

Download the RagerX Flasher Utility

Our custom built flasher utility makes the process of setting up the miner extremely simple. Just download, flash, and start mining.

There is no tuning needed for RagerX miner. The miner will automatically utilize as many threads of your CPU as possible. If updated software becomes available, the mining operating system will automatically update.

Want to see how easy setting up RagerX is? Check out the demo app to the right. Flashing the mining operating system is a simple process; you’ll be mining in no time.

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