NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor)

A software solution dedicated to advanced users that enable thorough editing of video card details in order to get the maximum potential

NVIDIA graphics card enthusiasts have many tools to satisfy their hardcore overclocking needs. The market provides you with various options to control your video card’s GPU and memory clocks such as nTune or Riva TunerNVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) brings more than overclocking capabilities to the table. It sports management of some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supported hardware.

Constantly updating database of supported cards

NiBiTor can be used to gain extra performance from your NVIDIA video card, enable particular hidden features, access advanced information or tweak boot settings, fan speeds, and memory timings. It doesn’t lack the support of latest graphics cards as its updates constantly keep its database fresh. Be aware, though, that this powerful tweaker can seriously damage your VGA card if not properly, accordingly and responsibly used.

Thorough editable configuration settings

Its humble yet clean interface places NiBiTor in the serious category with important advice in plain view at all times. Its tabbed layout offers access to ‘Clockrates’, ‘Voltages’, ‘Advanced Info’, ‘Timings’, ‘Temperatures’ or ‘Boot Settings’. At the top sits the Info section, providing you with Device and Vendor selection, BIOS Version or Date. Right underneath it, at program start, you can find the customizable 2D / 3D as well as Throttle Core, Shader and Memory clock values.

Manage timings and fan control

The Voltages tab section allows you to set the values for the 2D / 3D and Throttle modes, while the Advanced Info zone makes Device / Sub Vendor / System and Board ID editable. Timing sets can also be created and tested within the Timings area and advanced management of fan speeds can be set in the Temperatures panel in accordance with Core and Ambient threshold for Critical, Throttling and Fan boost values.

Possibility to create multiple profiles

NiBiTor goes beyond simple hardware overclocking by allowing you to change the sign-on message text and color, choose to ‘Display Boot Messages’ and ‘Display Memory Size’, the ‘Bootup display mode’ and even ‘Text display time’. Various BIOS configurations can be easily saved for later usage, while the Tools menu provides a set of components comprising ‘HexView’, ‘Voltage Table Editor’ or ‘Advanced memory configuration’.

To end with

In conclusion, Although not as popular as its comrades, NVIDIA BIOS Editor has counted many years since the start of its development and gathered a few fans along the way. While not being the perfect tool for the job and sometimes needing the Driver Signature to be turned off in order to work properly, NiBiTor provides the overclocking addict with a different approach and some exquisite features.

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