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NVCleanstall is a tool that can spare you of all this trouble, as it detects the version of your graphics card and lets you choose the part of the package that you want to install.

Allows you to select the parts of the packages to be installed

The program does not require installation, so you can start using it as soon as you download it to your computer. The app comes with a single window interface where you are prompted to choose one of the options. By selecting the Install best drive for my hardware option, the app recommends the latest version known to work without flaws for your system.

In case you have an older computer, then there is a high chance that the latest versions of the driver may not work or are not supported for your system. In this situation, the Manually select a driver version could work best. In addition, if you are already storing the driver package on you computer, then you can go for the Use driver files on disk and finish the install in no time.

A handy tool that allows you to keep your NVIDIA graphics card updated

In case you are wondering what is the difference between this tool and the clean install in GeForce Experience is that the latter removed everything, but it does not let you skip any components. Therefore, you are likely to end up with the NVIDIA Telemetry after the installation.

All in all, NVCleanstall is a tool that addresses advanced users who want to better manage the NVIDIA graphics card driver setup and would like to be able to choose the components to be installed.

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