Ledger Live wallet download

Add or remove cryptocurrencies from your Ledger device in the Ledger Live app.

Send and receive crypto assets

Perform crypto transfers easily with the Ledger Live app. The wallet will reliably protect your private keys.

Check your account status at any time

Check the overall balance of your crypto assets in real time, even when your Ledger wallet is not connected to your computer.

Manage Currencies on your Ledger

Ledger Live – Manage all accounts in one application. The perfect complement for your Ledger devices!

Leader in the number of cryptocurrencies supported

Up to 18 cryptocurrencies can be installed on a Ledger device at a time.

Real time balance tracking

Ledger Live allows you to view the overall balance of all your crypto assets in real time. Keep track of your crypto assets even if your Ledger wallet is not connected to your computer.

Intuitive Transactions

You can easily manage your transactions using a clear interface. Advanced functions are available for managing complex transfers, such as setting up a commission and replacing a transaction with a higher commission (RBF). The security of your assets is guaranteed.Note: always check your translations on the display of your Ledger.

Easy installation of cryptocurrency applications

Ledger Live makes it easy to install or remove cryptocurrency apps on your Ledger wallet. Configure applications as you like and protect your private keys. Your account remains safe, even when you delete the application.

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