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BFGMiner is a console utility designed for mining bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies. Many users compare it to a popular client CGMiner, which also does not have a graphical interface. The main difference between the two programs is that CGMiner is focused on devices with ASIC and FPGA chips, and BFGMiner also supports standard graphics cards and processors.

The utility with user settings is launched through a BAT file. Before downloading BFGMiner, we strongly recommend reading the official manual (file readme.txt on Github), which details the various compilation options for the binary file, keys and configuration settings for different devices . When you open a program, you automatically see a console window that displays different mining process data. The following keys are used to manage the client: M (device manager), P (pool manager), S (general settings), D (optional display), H (reference information) and q (closing the program window). Each section of the program also has its own list of special commands, some of which will be displayed on the screen.

Presented client allows to carry out mining both on specialized equipment, and on home computers and laptops, which greatly facilitates the task of mining bitcoins and other well-known cryptocurrencies for the average user. This program can be recommended as an alternative to the popular CGMiner. BFGMiner is also suitable for users who have not yet purchased ASIC devices, but are already thinking about this step.

Here you can download BFGMiner quickly and without registration

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