AMD Memory Tweak XL download


  • GDDR6 Based AMD GPU’s (ADL)
  • GDDR5 Based AMD GPU’s (ADL & MMIO)
  • HBM / HBM2 Based AMD GPU’s (ADL & MMIO)
  • Vega10 (PowerPlay & Strap Control)
  • Polaris (Powerplay & Strap Control)
  • Navi10 (PowerPlay “Read from Vbios & Registry, Write to Registry”, Strap Control)
  • Windows


  • One or more AMD Radeon GPU’s
  • Adrenaline (Verified working on 19.7.2)
  • Windows has to be in Test Mode (AMDMTXL will ask for it) due to custom driver
  • Common sense


  • MMIO Register Control (Read/Write) GDDR5/HBM/HBM2
  • ADL Overdrive (Read/Write) Latest Overdrive Versions supported
  • PowerPlay Control (Read/Write) Polaris, Vega10, Navi10
  • Strap Control (Read/Write/Decode/Encode) Polaris, Vega10, Navi10
  • Import/Export all values


Info & Hints:

Some Info: HBM2 Based GPU’s do not need to be under load to apply timing changes. It is often better to apply new timings before starting a benchmark/mining tool. AMD Driver will reinit upon launching tool (especially for Vega)

Some Hints: Some timings are stability timings, lowering these will lower stability. Such as tRC. Some timings might require a higher value for performance to improve. Such as tREF. Some timings have a min/max value, going outside this range will result into it defaulting back to original value. Such as tCL Some timings are dynamic, they change based on the vbios values and active clocks. Dram timings. …

Row Access Timings tRC, tRAS, tRCDRD, tRCDWR, tRRDL, tRRDS, tFAW, tRTP Column Access Timings tCCDL, tCCDS, tCCDR, tWTRL, tWTRS, tRTW, Refresh Timings tRFC, tRFCSB, tRREFD, tREFI

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